Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (Fixed & Mobile)

Envirotech has supplied fixed and mobile CAAQM stations with following parameters. PM2.5, PM10, NOx, NH3, CO, O3, SO2, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene etc.

Mobile Monitoring Labs (Air, Water, Noise & Weather Parameters)

Envirotech has rich experience in setting up in customized mobile testing laboratories (Air, Water, Noise, & Weather Parameters), by using these mobile laboratories, monitoring can be carried even at remote locations like municipal dumping yards, Industries.

Sensor Based Air Quality Monitoring

Sensor based ambient air quality monitoring station is capable of monitoring following air quality parameters. It can be used for smart cities and environmental safety for residents. PM2.5, PM10, NOx, NH3, CO, O3, SO2, VOC & weather parameters.

LED Display Boards

Offering customized outdoor and indoor display systems with improved high quality resolution and software which is capable of displaying live environmental monitoring data like Air, Noise, Water etc., from remotely located continuous monitoring stations.

Central Software

Our Innovative central software is a centralized environmental pollution monitoring solution to monitor pollution parameters of air, noise, water, emission and weather and provides reporting and data analytics. Can easily integrate the live monitoring solution with any government/industry website, can login with credentials and provide access to the public.

VOC Gases Monitoring

By using of VOC system can measure high boiling & low boiling toxic hydro carbons.

Noise Monitoring

Envirotech has great experience in acoustics. We monitor noise at various locations like construction sites, aircraft noise, road traffic noise, entertainment venues, public places, Industries, and neighborhood noise.

Networking of Dust Monitors

By using a unique “in-situ” sampling technique (Beta Attenuation) can monitor PM10 and PM2.5 parameters and networking. These instruments can be operated easily where fixed station cannot accommodate.

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